How Chewing Scan™ works

ChewingScan™ is an ear-hook sensor that detects ear canal distortion, the impact of the collision between the teeth and the movement of the jaw skeleton, which enable to operate the electric prosthesis by the movement of the jaw.

Achieved cost reduction

By using Chewing Scan™ as shown below, users of a normal prosthesis can start to use an electric prosthesis at the lowest cost.

Conventional myoelectric prosthetic hand

EMG sensorCustom socket
with battery
Wrist partsElectric prosthesis

The method ALTs propose

ChewingScan™Conventional socketElectric prosthesis×

Minimal equipment needed

Replaceable and large-capacity battery

A battery is attached in the ear hook, so even though it has a large capacity but doesn’t feel heavy or stand out.
In addition, it can be easily replaced with a spare battery, thus theres’s no worry about running out of battery outside.