Low-Cost Manufacturing

When the shape and ability of a human finger is restored by a machine, the cost increases due to the increase of complicated 3D-shaped parts. By manufacturing from a plate material, we have realized low cost manufacturing. Currently, we are aiming to further cost-cutting by developing a structure that can be assembled more easily, which will realize the price in the range of hundreds of thousands of yen.

Five-Finger Structure

Considering the fact the penetration rate of cosmetic prostheses in Japan is almost 90%, many users tend to be concerned about how others think of their appearance. By a five-finger structure similar to that of humans, we are aiming for a prosthetic hand that is confortable for those who have avoided using myoelectric prosthetic hands before. In addition to its appearance, it also enhance its dexterity with conbining the finger control technology of ALTs.

Increased Usability

We are aiming to provide affordable, hard-to-break, and easy-to-repair prosthesis, since we believe that the more expensive the prosthesis is, the more anxious users would be about breaks. The ALTs myoelectric prosthetic hand has a built-in special mechanism to release a strong impact, and it has a structure that allows parts to be replaced for each finger, making it difficult to break, and even if it breaks, it can be repaired at low cost.

Domestic Production

Currently, when using an expensive overseas-made prosthesis in Japan, the price will be even higher, thus we reduce the costs incurred from various aspects by conducting research, production, and maintenance all in Japan.

Diverse Extensibility

In order to provide it to people of all ages and genders, we are developing a combination of finger parts and hand parts that are optimal for each person to form a “prosthesis only for that person.” In addition, with the concept of “the prosthesis as one’s strength”, we are developing a prosthesis with functions that everyone will admire such as operating home appliances by the gestures of the prosthesis.

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