The Alterna Hand is an improved model of the Huxley Hand to be simpler and lighter. All the mechanisms that make up the myoelectric prosthetic hand are stored in the hand unit, and you can use it immediately by simply attaching this product to a socket.

Features of Alterna Hand

Very lightweight

While a human hand weighs about 700g, the AlternaHand weighs only half of that, about 300g. It is an easy-to-use prosthetic hand for users who have been shunned because of the myoelectric prosthetic hands’ weight.

Capable of pinching, grabbing, and gripping

Although it has a lightweight and simple structure, it has sufficient functions and performance. It has a delicate force control to pick up raw eggs and a strong grip that can grab and lift a 1L bottle of water.

Looks as if it’s human hands

We study the shape of human hand and carefully design prosthetic hands similar to a human hand. By covering its surface with silicone skin, our prosthetic hands realized almost the same appearance with human hands at a glance.