The dry type capable of stable measurement with low noise

Simple waterproof coating prevents malfunction caused by sweat etc

Wide range of power supply voltage (3.3-5V)

Measurement is possible without pressing strongly against the skin

No running cost is required because no disposable electrodes are used

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Power supply voltage : 3.3v-5v
Electrode : Sterling silver plated copper electrode (dry type 3 poles)
Distance between electrodes : 33mm
Sensor electrode input voltage range: 0.1V-2.9V
Output voltage range :
SIG 1Vpp : 0-1V
SIG 3Vpp : 0-3V

Size : W 21 x L 49 x T 7 mm
Weight : 11g
With LED for power confirmation
Connector : SH Connector 4P

Connection with Various Microcomputer Boards Made by Other Companies

Please connect with;
GND → GND pin
VIN → 5V pin or 3.3V pin of the microcomputer board
Pins for which SIG → pin compatible for AD converters

* Please use SIG1Vpp and SIG3Vpp with more suitable input voltage range for the AD converter.
* Qwiic cable (Qwiic – 4 pin when using a board Male) is convenient if you use Pin socket type boards or bullets such as Arduino (1).
* Qwiic-GROVE Adapter Cave Le is convenient to connect with M5Stick (2).

Signal Processing

The output of MyoScan® is an AC signal with amplified myoelectric potential mainly based on the DC component (about 1.5V for the SIG3Vpp pin and about 0.5V for the SIG1Vpp pin). The frequency band of myoelectric potential ranges from about 10Hz to 1kHz, and is highest at around 150Hz.
(1) The analog signal output from the SIG terminal of MyoScan® is converted to a digital signal by the AD converter.
(2) The DC component is removed by subtracting the DC component from the signal.
(3) By calculating an absolute value, fluctuations in both the positive and negative sides of the myoelectric potential are treated as “strength”.
(4) In order to remove noise and smooth the output, high frequency components are removed using a moving average and other processes.

* The recommended sampling rate (the number of times to measure voltage per second) is 2kHz or higher, but it is possible to measure at around 100Hz in an environment with little noise (using loopback noise).

(1) Arduino is a registered trademark of Arduino SA.
(2) M5Stick is a registered trademark of Shenzen Minjan Information Technology Company Limited.

More Details for Purchase

* Prices do not include tax.
* The shipping fee to anywhere in Japan is 520 yen.

MyoScan main unit: 18,000 yen

Main unit, 3D printed case
Special case

MyoScan itself will be shipped with a 3D printed case.

A product will be shipped in a special case.

Ver2 currently on sale is green.

There is a multibuy discount.

If it is difficult to obtain EMG data, such as when it is extremely dry, apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream between the electrodes and the skin.

Operation check microcomputer M5StickC Plus (dedicated program written) : 6,800 yen

Test cable for single channel Grove-zh : 500 yen

Examples of connection

Test cable for dual channel Grove-zh×2: 1,500 yen

Examples of connection

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Frequentry Asked Questions

If MyoScan does not obtain myoelectric potential successfully

You may not be able to obtain the myoelectric potential normally if you use the microcomputer while charging it with an AC adapter.

Some AC adapter may generate noise in the charging cord and distract accurate measurement.
Please try using it with a built-in microcomputer or DC charging with a mobile battery.

Also, it may be difficult to obtain EMG data from dry surface, so try applying a moisturizing cream thinly between the electrodes and the skin.

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