What is a myoelectric prosthetic hand?
-Overview of prosthetic hands-

Types of Prosthetic Hand

There are many forms and types of prosthetic hands depending on each user and purpose of use. Here, we introduce various types of prosthetic hands.

Penetration Myoelectric Prosthetic Hands in Japan

Myoelectric prosthetic hands are very convenient in daily life and in great demand, but rarely used in Japan. Here are two barriers to using myoelectric prosthetic hands, and the goals of ALTs.

How Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand Works?

How does myoelectric prosthetic hand work? Here’s details of the product from the parts of it to its structure.

Electro Myo Graphy – EMG

The myoelectric prosthetic hand is operated by reading the “myoelectric potential”. We woud explain the mechanism how human muscles operate and how myoelectric potential is generated with specialized knowledge.

Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand by ALTs
-Characteristics of Our Prosthetic Hand Provided-

The 5 Concepts of ALTs

ALTs has five concepts to deliver the next-generation prosthetic hands to everyone who needs.

Myoelectric Prosthetic Hands with Cutting Edge Technology

As cutting-edge sensor technology and 3D printing technology developed, myoelectric prosthetic hands are becoming more convenient, easy to use, and have high performance. Let us Introduce the new myoelectric prosthetic hand technology that ALTs is developing.

From Manufacturing to Use

For customers who are interested in the ALTs myoelectric prosthetic hand, we would like to show the process from creation to use.

How to Use Myoelectric Prosthetic Hands

The ALTs myoelectric prosthetic hands can reproduce various hand movements with its unique sensor and hand unit. Let us introduce those movements and operation methods.

How to Maintain and Repair

Breakdowns cannot be avoided in using myoelectric prosthetic hands in everyday life. At ALTs, we are particular about ease of maintenance so that you can use your prosthesis more confortably.