Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand

Multi-degree-of-flexibility myoelectric prosthetic hand

Huxley Hand I, the prototype manufactured according to the concept of ALTs
Huxley Hand II, a multi-degree-of-flexibility hand unit with a roundness that is closer to that of a human hand

Lightweight Hand Unit for Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand

A lightweight hand unit that has a simple structure but can perform three types of operations: pinch, grab, and grip.

Sensors for Prosthetic Hands

Next-generation myoelectric sensor

A general-purpose dry myoelectric sensor that can read highly accurate myoelectric information, which was originally developed by applying the know-how of myoelectric sensor for prosthetic hands.

Earphone Type Prosthetic Hand Controller

Ear-hook type sensor that allows you to operate the electric prosthesis just by wearing it like an earphone

Biosensing Technology

Equilibrium function meter

Equilibrium function meter that can measure the pressure distribution of the sole of the foot with high accuracy just by riding on a plate-type device with a thickness of 3 mm.