Huxley Hand is the first myoelectric prosthetic hand developed by ALTs, and we are working on the concept of the next generation myoelectric prosthetic hand never been seen before.
There is a prototype model, Huxley Hand I, and Huxley Hand II, which has been improved to look rounder and closer to human hands.

Features of Huxley Hand

Five fingers move independently

The independent structure of each finger unit make it ipossible to reproduce the complicated finger movements performed by human hands. Moreover, since the unit is equipped with an impact resistant mechanism, it has a structure that is hard to break even if a strong force is applied to the finger.

Strong grip and delicate force adjustment

Since the fingers are independent, you can also perform rock-paper-scissors and the movement of folding the fingers to count. You can also customize the hand movement to your preferense by adjusting the setting of the finger movement corresponding to the EMG information to be read.

Composed of one aluminum plate

We are particular about the design of the skeleton structure of the finger, and all the parts of the prosthetic hands can be cut out from one aluminum plate. This eliminates the need to prepare a custom-made mold for making parts, making it possible to manufacture at low cost.



Operation experiment with myoelectric sensor

Tying shoelaces – capability of dexterous movement-

1000g gripping experiment

Gently grab fragile objects

500g gripping experiment